About Us

Exploration Arts! Fund

At the Community Foundation, we love helping people create the community they envision. Thanks to gifts from Nancy Dillen and other individuals, we have established the Exploration Arts! Fund to champion the creation of a multi-disciplinary and experiential arts center for the Space Coast within the next five years.
“Our vision is to create a launch pad for the arts, a physical space offering engaging programs and arts opportunities and education for all ages. A place where Brevard residents and visitors can expand their thinking and further contribute to our region’s creative and innovation economy,” shared Nancy Dillen. “Residents and visitors to the Space Coast alike need a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible nexus where creativity infuses every experience and exchange. Together, we can make this happen!”
The fund was officially announced at the Community Foundations 40th Anniversary event on December 7, 2021. With the recent loss of the Foosaner Art Museum and Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts, there is an opportunity to create something new for all. We invite you to imagine with us and help expand the arts on the Space Coast. If you are interested in learning more or contributing, please donate to the fund, or contact us at 321-752-5505 to learn more.