Skate to School Scholarship Fund

The Skate to School Scholarship Fund, envisioned and created by Robert “Scooter” Newell to reward top skaters of local skate board competitions with college education scholarships. All charitable contributions to the Skate to School Scholarship Fund will be used to support the scholarship awards.

The scholarships will be awarded to one or more students based on the skate contest guidelines and on satisfying the legal requirements of a competitive scholarship award process as established by the Community Foundation. The amount of each scholarship will be dependent upon the funds available. Eligible applicants will come from a broad pool of candidates and donors may not control the selection process. Each contest will be judged by at least 3 independent contest judges. Skaters placing high enough in contests may earn a scholarship opportunity, which can be claimed and awarded upon graduation of high school or home school equivalent with a 2.5 GPA or higher. Students may accumulate multiple scholarship award opportunities from placing in multiple contests.

To learn more about how you can participate in the Skate to School Scholarship series, visit the Skate to School website. 

Photo credit: Mattie Lyn Jordan

Students who graduate and do not enroll in post-secondary education or vocational training within one year after high school graduation will forfeit the opportunity to claim scholarship awards earned in the skate competition. Unclaimed scholarships awards will be retained by the Foundation and used for subsequent skate contest awards. Scholarship awards may only be used for tuition, books, tools, uniforms and other training-related expenses and on-campus room and board. The Foundation will also review and validate student claims for scholarship award distribution prior to final award. The scholarship will be paid directly to the educational institution.



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