Philanthropy: Powered by People 

Our donors include generous individuals, families, and organizations who have established donor advised and other funds to carry out their plans for their philanthropy. Their vision and generosity help create a community where everyone has the chance to thrive. 

We are honored to be the partner in philanthropy. 



3BB Fund

Inge-Britt Alderstein Animal Rescue Fund

Norma S. Annabal Scholarship Fund

Anonymous Fund (4) 

Emelee “Bean” Arbuckle Foundation

Frank and Alice Arguimbau Charitable Fund 

Jean R. Baldwin and Charles A. Baldwin Fund

Barington-Armstrong Memorial Fund

Better Together Fund

Yvonne Bixby Fund

Theodore and Marion Blumenthal Fund

Bond Family Foundation

Joan R. Borders Rolling Readers Endowment Fund

Ron and Midge Bray Charitable Fund

Brevard Relief Fund 

Lucious, Marolyn, and Mitty Burnett Family Charitable Foundation

Geraldine L. Cabic Charitable Fund

Curtis L. Carlberg and Muriel Scheuerer Carlberg Fund 

Children and Youth Fund

Leah M. Combs Endowment Fund

Community in Conversation Fund

Community Leadership Fund

Grant Volunteer Fire Department – Charles Conway Fund

Culpepper Nursing Scholarship Fund 

DJS Family Fund

Deffebach Family Fund

DeVries Family Fund

Dillen Charitable Fund 

Dillen Charitable Fund for Brevard

Nancy Baur Dillen Art Teacher Scholarship Fund 

Joe and Pennie Di Prima Fund 

Keith and Keri Donald Brevard Impact Fund

John and Nancy Dornbos Charitable Fund

Drexler Family Fund

Elevate Brevard Endowment Fund

Endowment for the Arts 

Endowment for Recreation

Pablo Enriquez Memorial Scholarship Fund

Equity and Inclusion Fund

Carolyn P. Erambert Fund

Exploration Arts! Fund

Family Promise HERO Fund

Fillmore Dreams Fund

Kenneth R. Finken and Dorothy Hallam Finken Endowment Fund

Hope and Brian Fisher Family Fund

Florida City Gas Charitable Fund

Evelyn Foster Endowment Fund

Paul and Shirley Friedland Fund

Paul and Shirley Friedland Fund for Brevard

Paul and Shirley Friedland Fund for Health and Wellbeing

Fulton’s Folly Fund in Memory of Robert M. Fulton

Dr. John C. Garey and Eliese D. Garey Fund

Gemini Family Charitable Fund

James H. and Betty Gooch Fund

Ruth W. Gordon Benevolent Memorial Fund

Marilyn and Walter Grace Fund

Graham Family Fund

Guardians Endowment Fund

Hannah-Chanel Fund

Hawkins Family Fund

Sandra J. Henry Fund

Heritage Park at Crane Creek Fund

John and Betty Higdon Fund

Mark and Kimberly Hobbs Family Fund

Holton Family Fund

Ella Josephine Goodman Horn Fund

Indian River Lagoon Fund

KJC Family Fund

Kreuzkamp Family Charitable Fund

Christine P. Lance Foundation

Kathryn F. Lazar Fund

Lazar Family Charitable Fund

Lazar Family Charitable Fund

Hendrik and Phoebe Leeman Charitable Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Hendrik Leeman Family Fund

Frank R. Leslie Fund

James W. and Mary Alice Libby Scholarship

Danielle Sarah Mahon Memorial Fund

James and Penelope Martin Fund

Randy and Linda May Fund

Thomas E. McNamara and Lois R. McNamara Charitable Fund

MNT Fund

Allan and Judy Moen Fund

Dawson E. Molyneaux and Charlotte B. Molyneaux Endowment Fund

Heaven’s Rays Fund in Memory of Thomas and Emily Moseley

F. Turner Munsell Fund

Annette E. Parker Fund

Petre Family Fund in Memory of Reverend Gabriel & Julia Petre of Palm Bay

Michael and Assunta Picardi Fund

Jean B. Prais Charitable Remainder Unitrust Fund

RAB Family Foundation

Kathryn Ridner Fund

John K. and Julia R. Roach Fund

John K. and Julia R. Roach Fund for Brevard

Robert and Deborah Sands Fund

Schuler Family Donor Advised Fund

Walter E. and Judith L. Schwab Fund

Schwinn Family Fund

Schluckebier Fund

Sendler Family Charitable Fund

Missy and Tony Shannon Memorial Scholarship Fund

Shorr Family Fund

Skate to School Scholarship Fund

Spezzano Family Charitable Fund

Alice and Stephen Tarr Fund

Peg and Rob Twitty Charitable Fund

Veterans Fund

R. Patricia Wallburg Endowment Fund

Barbara Wells Family Foundation

Frank J. and Mary R. Wertalik Foundation

Marie Louise G. West Endowment Fund

Wilkinson Family Fund

Witherspoon Foundation