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Kreuzkamp Family Charitable Fund: Honoring the Past, Planning for the Future

Paul and Mae Kreuzkamp retired to Indialantic, FL in 1976 from Ramsey, NJ. Married for nearly 50 years prior to Paul’s passing in 1997, they were both devoted to each other and their two sons, Paul Jr. and Steven.

Beyond their work and family, Paul and Mae were intentional about serving and supporting their community. Volunteering within their church and for various nonprofits, along with involvement in their children’s and grandchildren’s schools, not only allowed Paul and Mae to help their neighbors in need, it also inspired their philanthropic endeavors.

“Generosity and compassion came so naturally for both of them,” shared their son Steven. “Because, they were both so grateful. They never lost track of where they came from and what they were able to accomplish in their lives together.”

After both Paul Jr. and Paul Sr.’s respective passing, Mae’s desire to give back to the community ultimately led her to work with the Community Foundation for Brevard, creating the Kreuzkamp Family Charitable Fund in 1999. Through an endowed donor advised fund at the Foundation, Mae saw that she could support organizations and causes the family cared about in perpetuity.

“An endowment is a fund that is invested to provide returns that replenish the dollars distributed to charity each year. This ensures endowment funds are ‘forever funds,’” said Theresa Grimison, president & CEO of the Community Foundation. “Endowments offer the comfort of knowing that even after you’re gone, the Foundation will ensure that your charitable wishes are carried out.”

Knowing the importance of passing down her love of giving back to the next generation, Mae included her son, Steven, as an advisor to the fund, meaning after her lifetime, her son could continue to recommend distributions from the fund. Guided by his mother’s wishes to help those less fortunate in Brevard, Steven continues to be involved, focusing the Kreuzkamp Family Charitable Fund on helping children and the elderly in Brevard.

Mae was a loving and dedicated homemaker to her family, and in later years worked outside the home as a general education teacher, office administrator and manager. Further, she was a tireless volunteer for many charitable causes in both New Jersey and Florida. In 2017, after a long battle with the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s disease, the family lost their matriarch at the age of 93.

“I think my mom would be really appreciative of what has happened with the Foundation — how it’s grown and what it’s been able to do in our community. I think that would please my parents greatly,” Steven said. “My mom would be happy to know those early plans she made are taking care of this special place she and my dad cared so deeply about.”

Since the creation of the fund in 1999, more than $25,000 has been provided to local organizations addressing the issues that were close to the Kreuzkamps’ hearts.

“It’s been such a joy to work with Steven to help fulfill Mae’s philanthropic vision,” Theresa said. “It’s easy to see that he is guided by those same values. And today, through his involvement with the Community Foundation, is continuing his parents’ legacy of care for the benefit of our community — forever.”

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