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Turning Loss into a Legacy of Love: Heaven’s Rays Fund

As a young child, Becky Moseley brought home her colorful crayon drawing she named Heaven’s Rays, which depicted sunrays streaming through the clouds. She told her mom, Wendy, that people who die go to heaven through those beautiful rays of light. Wendy was touched by the thoughtful illustration and her daughter’s caring heart.

A few days later, as they were driving down the road, Becky saw beams of sunlight and said “Look, Mom, it’s heaven’s rays! I think someone is going to heaven now.” Terribly, at that moment, Wendy’s other daughter, 4-year old Emily, lost her life in a tragic accident. Recalling this experience, Wendy attributes the timing as God’s gift and message of hope.

Over the years, the family struggled through their grief, leaning heavily on their faith. Sadly, they then experienced the unexpected loss of Wendy’s husband Tom, the children’s father. Later, as Wendy poured through personal memorabilia, she found the drawing of Heaven’s Rays. In that moment, she felt called to refocus her life into helping others.

I don’t know how I would have coped without my faith and the support of others.  But I realize not everyone has the comfort and strength of faith and family. If I can help provide wellness opportunities during times of emotional crisis, I too will continue to strengthen, knowing that I will be fulfilling God’s purpose for my life forward.”

Wendy Moseley established the Heaven’s Rays Fund with the Community Foundation in loving memory of Thomas and Emily Moseley to provide grants to programs that help individuals, children, and families through loss, grief, and difficult circumstances. The charitable purpose also honors her husband, a psychiatrist who specialized in child and adolescent psychology. Wendy is joyful about the opportunity to help others, turning loss into a legacy of love.

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