Nonprofit Endowment Funds

Partnering with local nonprofit organizations to build sustainability, and a legacy.

We work to build a better future for everyone – including the many nonprofit organizations that call the Space Coast home. We’re dedicated to the nonprofit community’s long-term success, which is why we provide services to help the sector learn, grow, and thrive. Establishing a Nonprofit Endowment Fund with us is a simple and efficient way to build an ongoing source of income for your charitable organization.

We offer two types of funds for nonprofits:

  • Nonprofit Endowment Fund – Your organization establishes an endowment fund with the Community Foundation in perpetuity. An annual payout based on the Community Foundation’s spending policy is designated to your nonprofit. This option is best for organizations that want to assure donors that the endowment’s principal will remain intact or honor their specific intentions.
  • Designated Fund – Unlike the fund above which is created by a nonprofit organization, a Designated Fund is created by an individual donor to benefit a charity or charities. When setting up the fund the donor decides when and how much is granted to the charity or charities.

Why partner with the Community Foundation for Brevard?

Since 1981 we have been managing philanthropy for individuals, businesses, families, and nonprofits in Brevard County. Currently, the Foundation holds endowments for over 30 nonprofits who are able to take advantage of the following services:

  • Investment & Planned Giving Expertise – Because our investment dollars are pooled, we have access to opportunities, expertise, and rates not available to smaller investors. Donors are often reassured by the Foundation’s oversight of their philanthropic gift.
  • Relief from Administrative Burdens – We handle all accounting, reporting and legal requirements so your staff and board can focus on the mission of your organization. Fund statements are provided semi-annually or upon request.
  • Recognition – Your nonprofit fund will be listed on our website and other marketing materials.
  • Ability to Accept Complex Gifts – Our professional staff supports your organization and your donors by facilitating complex gifts such as stock, bequests, retirement funds, life insurance, real estate and other assets.
  • Facilitates Planned Giving Discussion with Donors – We are happy to assist you with donor discussions.

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